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7 reasons to do your DTS at YWAM San Jose

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Choosing the place where you are going to do your DTS is important. Each YWAM base is different, each one has a unique essence, different sizes, locations, environments, and cultures. That is why we want to give you some reasons to consider doing your DTS in San José, Costa Rica. Maybe this could be the place you are looking for.

1. The land of the Ticos

If your thing is not road chaos, and buildings everywhere, Costa Rica is definitely a place for you. The land of the Ticos is known as a “green country” full of flora and fauna with beautiful landscapes. You will be here for the first three months of your DTS, surrounded by nature and fresh air, with the best views and sunsets.

2. We love our community

When you enter YWAM, you are already part of our community. We honor each individual and family. We have good times that we share in community; our times of worship, intercession or mealtimes. We also have our famous break time ¨El cafecito¨ where we share and drink a delicious Costa Rican coffee.

3. We are bilingual:

At our base, each activity is translated English-Spanish or vice versa. This is a very good opportunity to learn a new language and also to interact with colleagues from all over the world. At the end of this incredible experience, you will have learned a lot about different cultures.

4. Ministry in nearby communities

We have different ministries like Homes of Hope, Hope Sports, and Mercy Trucks, which keeps us engaged with nearby communities. As well as distributing bibles from house to house and having the opportunity to bless every home.

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5. Tropical Climate

Costa Rica, due to its geographical location, has a pleasant climate, which is the combination of the tropical climate. Its major changes are from the rainy season to the dry season.

6. Sanitary measures

As a community we have all the necessary hygienic measures. COVID 19 came to change the dynamics of many things but we are subject to all the guidelines of the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica.

7. Typical food: 

The gastronomy of Costa Rica is simple but with an unmistakable flavor. It is worth trying the typical food of the country such as Gallo pinto, ceviche, chifrijo, olla de carne and much more, to fully discover the beauty of Costa Rica.

If you want information or have questions about our DTS, do not hesitate to contact us!






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